Uni students win scholarships in Pirie

July 31, 2019
Gabrielle Dunning, left, Justin Borland and Erin McDowell. Picture: Pt Pirie Recorder
Gabrielle Dunning, left, Justin Borland and Erin McDowell. Picture: Pt Pirie Recorder

Five UniHub Spencer Gulf students have been awarded scholarships to help their tertiary education journey.

The scholarships have been made available thanks to generous donations by an anonymous donor, John Pirie Secondary School and the Pirie Partnership Group.

Pamella Brown, Justin Borland, Gabrielle Dunning and Jess Axon each received a $1000 scholarship while Erin McDowell won a $2000 bursary.

The scholarships were presented at the Pirie Partnership monthly meeting on July 29 at the campus, in Ellen Street.

Pirie Partnership comprises the leaders of preschools and schools and was represented by Geoff Saunders, of Airdale Primary School.

Campus director Moira Coffey said she was grateful to the donors who had wanted to reward applicants from a public education background.

She said the money, payable after passes in the students' first two subjects, would cover text books and, in the case of nursing undergraduates, travel costs.

Recipient Justin Borland is an Aboriginal education mentor and youth worker at John Pirie Secondary School.

He hopes to become a teacher, with a continued focus on indigenous students, at the school after studying an education degree.

"I want to learn as much about their culture as I can and give back something," he said.

"I would like to spend two to three years in the Aangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands as a teacher.

"I feel an affinity for them through my life experience."

Erin McDowell is already a science teacher at Airdale and has begun a masters degree in education so she can become a counsellor. "Children have a lot of trauma and things going on ... you need to have an understanding of their lives," she said.

Gabrielle Dunning, who is an enrolled nurse at the hospital, was inspired to study to become a registered nurse by her mother Sue Dunning and late grandmother Bette Martin.

Both were registered nurses, instilling a "passion" in Gabrielle. "They helped me a lot," she said.

Article Source: Pt Pirie Recorder

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