Undergraduate certificate in AGED CARE

With Flinders University

Duration: six months full-time (or part-time equivalent)

The Undergraduate Certificate in Aged Care aims to prepare students to not only work with older people in aged care contexts, but to consider and develop new opportunities to support ageing societies. 

Study Mode
Online, with local support through Uni Hub Spencer Gulf.



The Undergraduate Certificate in Aged Care has been designed to support local industry and increase employment opportunities.

Core topics will provide a foundation in understanding the diversity of ageing populations, with a focus on the aged care context.

Student must complete 18 units of study including:

Core topics

  • AGES1001 Foundation Skills in Ageing Studies (4.5 units)
  • AGES1002 Attitudes, Language and Communication Influencing the Experience of Ageing (4.5 units)
  • AGES1004 Mental Health and Psychological Well-being in Later Life (4.5 units)

Option topics

  • AGES1010 The Experience of Dementia: People Perspectives (4.5 units)


  • AGES1014 Contemporary Approaches to Aged Care (4.5 units)

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