Meet Uni Hub Spencer Gulf team members Sue Barry and Kayla Perry, who will be supporting our students at the Copper Coast University Centre.

Sue Barry – Student and Campus Coordinator

Sue Barry’s experience in the field of education and training makes her the ideal fit as the Uni Hub Student and Campus Coordinator at the Copper Coast University Centre.

“I worked with MADEC for eight-and-a-half years and was a training team leader for the Yorke Peninsula, Mid North and Far North,” she said.

“Prior to that I worked as an early childhood director in Alice Springs and the Copper Coast.

“After working in early childhood and vocational education for so many years I was really keen to work in the area of tertiary education.

“I could see there was a real need for people in our region to have the opportunity to access university without having to move elsewhere.

“I am sure there are a lot of people out there who don’t realise that they can study at university – and it is important for these people to have access to further study.

“This then benefits the region as we increase the number of skilled people for local industry.”

As the Student and Campus Coordinator, Sue will be the face people will see for help during the application process.

She will also work closely with schools and organisations, nurturing partnerships which will in turn help support local people on their tertiary education journey.

“I’m keen to connect with local industry to identify skills gaps and look at ways tertiary education can help meet those needs. I’ll also work with existing staff who are looking to re-skill or update their qualifications,” she said.

Kayla Perry – Student Support Officer

‘Born and bred’ in the Copper Coast, Kayla Perry is passionate about her local community.

And it was this passion that sparked Kayla’s interest in getting on board with Uni Hub Spencer Gulf and the Copper Coast University Centre.

“The benefits for the community, being able to study university locally, is huge,” she said.

“I wish there was something like this around when I left school. I didn’t go to university because I didn’t want to leave the town.

“Having the opportunity to study university locally means that you don’t have to leave the region.

“This benefits the wider community – the sporting clubs and community clubs have a better chance of retaining members. Employers like the local hospital will have a better chance of keeping staff if they employ local, skilled workers.”

As the Student Support Officer, Kayla will often be the first contact people will make with Uni Hub Spencer Gulf.

“My role is to help support Sue (Student and Campus Coordinator) in a variety of ways, from managing initial enquiries through to helping with the day-to-day operations at the Copper Coast University Centre,” she said.

Contact our Copper Coast team at 1A Doswell Terrace, Kadina or phone 8828 1220.

Sue and Kayla