Master of Urban and Regional Planning

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Duration: 1 or 1.5 years full time, up to 6 years part-time

The Master of Urban and Regional Planning enables graduates to contribute towards making the world more liveable and sustainable through developing understanding and skills in all major and core areas relating to place-making and land use planning, including through original research.

University of New England

Study Mode

Online, with local support through Uni Hub Spencer Gulf.

Learning outcomes

  1. demonstrate a systematic and coherent body of knowledge that incorporates state of the art understanding of urban and regional planning, along with knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to the field;
  2. demonstrate highly developed cognitive, critical and theoretical skills to analyse and creatively evaluate and generate ideas relating to complex land-use and built-environment problems in a range of social, economic and environmental contexts;
  3. demonstrate knowledge and skills to exercise the high level judgement and responsibility required of a highly skilled professional planner in the governance of diverse urban and regional contexts;
  4. demonstrate initiative and autonomy in evaluating and implementing approaches to complex planning problems and research, capacity to work in leadership roles, and ability to communicate complex and theoretical information to a variety of audiences; and
  5. plan and undertake a substantial research-based project, to answer a research question competently and ethically using the appropriate methodology and analysis, and communicating the problem, approach, results and conclusions effectively.


Career outcomes

As an urban and regional planning expert, you could gain work as a consultant or as an employee in the public or private sector with high-level policy advice and research roles.

Planning jobs could include the design of new suburbs or housing estates, coastal and environmental development projects, creating energy-efficient housing and new transport services for sustainable communities.


Planning experts work strategically, often with competing stakeholders, to achieve the best social, environmental and economic outcomes.

UNE’s Master of Urban and Regional Planning offers a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive course that integrates the knowledge and skills required by planning experts to achieve the best outcomes.

You will research and learn new technologies, analyse problems, and generate creative solutions. Your learned, transferable skills in critical analysis, planning, and management will set you up for success in your profession — this course will help future proof your career.


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