Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

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Duration: 2.5 or 3 or 3.5 or 4 years full-time. Up to 10 years part-time.

Urban and regional planners develop strategies and design communities in which we all live, work and play. Planning helps balance community, environmental and economic needs, while recognising cultural significance in order to improve our quality of life and create sustainable and vital communities.

The University of New England’s Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to critically analyse and solve complex problems — skills that help you adapt as a professional in a changing world.

University of New England

Study Mode

Online, with local support through Uni Hub Spencer Gulf

Course aims

The Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning enables graduates to contribute towards making the world more liveable and sustainable through developing understanding and skills in a wide range of areas relating to place-making and land use planning. Work experience is an important part of the program. Candidates completing the honours component are able to extend their intellectual range in their chosen study topic and hone their research abilities and analytical and communication techniques.

Career outcomes

You will be qualified to work in planning offices in federal, state and local government, private consulting firms and property development companies. Your career opportunities include positions in:

  • urban design and place-making
  • regional and rural planning
  • development assessment and land use
  • environmental planning and natural resource management
  • social and community-based planning
  • heritage and conservation.


Professional recognition

UNE’s Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning is fully recognised by the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) as satisfying the profession’s academic requirements. Graduates are eligible for membership of the Urban and Regional Planning Chapter of the PIA. As a student you will also be eligible for PIA membership.


UNE’s course offers a balance of theory and practice — with a focus of integrating academic knowledge into the real world.

Students will gain the knowledge and skills that planners need to solve a wide range of important social and environmental issues.

You will learn to think critically to analyse competing priorities, to solve complex problems, to strategise, and to communicate effectively as a planning professional with a wide range of audiences.

UNE’s Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning includes hands-on, industry-based work experience. You will get a broad, thorough understanding of design and planning in urban and regional contexts, across a range of major areas: land use; social and economic issues; transport; professionalism and ethics; environmental and planning law.

The skills you will learn are valued and transferable across many professional contexts, in both the public and private sectors. With these skills you will be boosting your fitness for your future career, while also working towards a more liveable, more sustainable world and helping communities work and thrive.


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